2012.02.14 05:25:18
Maggie Brown

Our Sleepover Rover webmaster Allan, has been fostering needy dogs for over 4 years for the Humane Society. He has taken in everything from litters of puppies to injured dogs that needed rehabilitation to become adoptable and has been instrumental in saving many lives in the process. One of those fosters was a 2.5 year old one-eyed pit bull that was brought in as an injured stray. He originally fostered him while his eye was still stitched up and healing, and during that time Allan discovered he had a bad food allergy towards most dog foods.  Well, about a week after his fostering was over and he had returned him, the Humane Society called Allan  saying they couldn't keep Jack any longer because he was reacting to their food, and they couldn't keep feeding it to him.  Also, they didn't have the ability to test him to find out what he is allergic to, nor would they be able to buy him the special food that he would need if they did find out. They tried the local rescues in the valley, and no one could/would take him for the same reason the Humane Society couldn't keep him.   They called Allan to see if I would take him as a last resort, and he just couldn't say no. His full name is Captain Jack and he's been a great dog. We wanted to acknowledge the great work Allan has done over the years fostering dogs, and share with you this great adoption success story. We hope you will look to the many wonderful adoptable dogs waiting in foster care or at shelters and humane organizations if you are considering adding a pet to your family!


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