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Halloween Dog CostumeHalloween is just around the corner and since your pet is an important family member, many california pet parents enjoy dressing their pet up for Halloween! Here's some tips to help you select a costume and make sure you and your pet enjoy the holiday fun!

Halloween Tips for Safety and Fun with Your Dog

  • Pick a costume that will be comfortable considering your pet's size, shape and temperment. For example, a pug may need a costume that's small, but with a roomy chest and shoulder area. A bulldog needs a costume big enough for his large head and neck, but not so large that he trips on it. Many dogs don't like anything on their head or near their face.

  • If your dog has never worn clothing or a costume, start with a bandana or a simple costume that is easy and stable for your dog to wear.

  • Make sure that the costume fabric will not overheat your dog.

  • Check headwear so it doesn't make it hard for your dog to see which is scary. 

  • Assure that elastic bands do not become uncomfortable for the time that your pet will be wearing it. 

  • Once you select a costume have your dog wear it for several short periods while offering treats or hugs so your dog associates the costume with attention and/or food.

  • Monitor your dog frequently for signs of physical discomfort, such as moving or walking in a stiff or unusual posture, reluctance to walk, or pawing/biting. 
  • Watch for behavioral signs that your dog is becoming stressed by the costume, such as increased agitation or defensiveness.
  • Never leave your dog unattended in a costume.

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