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2011.05.12 08:56:26
Maggie Brown

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Summer can be great fun for you and your dog with activities like hiking, swimming, boating and more, but it also brings some seasonal health hazards and risks pet parents need to remember. Among them are dehydration, burned pads and heat stroke. Here are some tips for a safe summer with your dog in the season ahead.

Auto Travel - Be very careful about leaving your pet in the car in the summer. Temperatures can rise quickly causing your dog to overheat, get heat stroke or worse, die.

Dehydration - Provide lots of cool fresh water to your pet both inside your home and outside. You can treat your dog to pupsicles or other frozen treats to increase the liquid intake of your pet each day.

Burned Pads - With the summer sun pounding down on asphalt, sidewalks and streets can become hot enough to burn your dog's feet. Test the surface with you hand before you go for a walk to be sure the temperature is not so hot it will hurt your dog. You can also buy booties, specifically designed to protect your pet's feet on hot surfaces.

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