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Hosting is fun and rewarding for dog lovers! If you are a responsible and caring dog lover, home full-time (we do not expect you to be home 24/7, short absences are fine), and would enjoy watching a pet for a neighbor while earning extra income, hosting might be for you! There are never any fees involved to host for Sleepover Rover. In order to become a host, please register below, which starts the process. All new hosts go through an interview with a Sleepover Rover Representative as a first step. The final step involves an in-home interview and visit from our Sleepover Rover Representative.


  1. We are the full “concierge” service for PET HOSTS. We work for YOU!
  2. We pre-screen every dog we refer to you to be sure it meets the specifications you determine – no wasting time with dogs too big, too aggressive, or un-housebroken – each dog meets your criterion!
  3. We pre-screen and qualify all clients for your SECURITY and to save you time!
  4. Your personal information is not on a publically accessible website.
  5. We take care of accounting for you and provide a 1099 to make tax reporting a breeze. You are not  "on your own" with IRS reporting.
  6. We manage everything for you – all you do is take great care of the dogs!
  7. We have been doing this successfully longer than any other organization – since 2004!
  8. Full support from veteran pet sitters / market agents in your neighborhood to support you in any contingency.
  9. Aggressive local advertising to get you great clients and great repeat clients!

 Apply Now! To become a Sleepover Rover Host, fill out and submit the form below and a Sleepover Rover Representative will contact you for the initial interview. You can also call our Host Application Hotline at 866-867-5048 and leave us a message with your name, city and phone number and a Sleepover Rover Representative will call you. Hosting is the best job you'll ever love!

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